Friday, March 13, 2015

Still Alive

Been gone a long time but still kicking and rising

Friday, August 24, 2012

                         As i sit here typing i must get ready to bury a past love,at one time she was the most i could have wanted,as the years went by we went our own way,we talked all the time on the phone, b ut now she's gone  and i wonder why she took her life without calling me for help,some how i let her slip by with out knowing what to do,as i watch them put he in the fire saturday,i feel a lost place in my mind,may god watch over her...eddie

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Well i came on to see if anyone is still here, me i'm alive and well still trying to live life the best i can,it's good to see i can still come here and vent and tell my many life time of shit to people and not have to worry about it, hope all is well with every one out there...eddie

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well another one comes and goes, and it was a good one, kids did good and all went well, abram had his first one and did well, abram is my sons bull dog, he had fun.. this will be the last one with all of us together in one house but thats life and it moves on so i must move with it, 2010 will be a good year and the first time i have been on my own since i was 19 years old, i look forward to it just being me, and of course my big dog and cats, well to all out there in the blog world i wish you the best day ever...eddie

Monday, November 16, 2009

Time for a new day!!!!!!

Well as the sun rises over a dark night it's time for me to step into the light and see the day for what it is, for the last 4 years i have sit and put my head in the sand waiting for god knows what,its time for a change in life and it starts with this blog, I'm tired if the Winnie shit i write about a past lost, I'm tired of living in a dream world that is not real, its time i pull up the old pants and kick a few ass's, i know a lot of people look at me as a peace of shit and all i have to say on that is don't look!!!!!!!
At the age of 51 i look forward to being just me again, since i was 18 i have always had some one to take care of in life, well now its just me and dam I'm going to make the most of it,got my dog and cat and that's all i really need, they say in life all works out for a reason well i see that now, i would Rather live alone than to live a fake life, my fat cat keeps me warm at night, well lets see how all this works out to all have a wonderful night...Eddie

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Been gone awhile!!!!!

Well lets see if i can still do this, been gone a long time, missed every one but really needed to take a good look at me and fix alot of things in my life, i had the worst out look for a long time and had to slap myself and open my eyes to life..
Single is not so bad as it seems, life still move on just have to stay the course and make it count, still miss two loving arms but happy with me now and were i'm going in life, not perfect but good, i see alot of the blogs i read have not been doing so good , most just gone now, but i like my blog and it is a track of my life, maybe one day it will help someone to find there way in life or help them to see that no matter were life takes us you just have to smile and keep on living life to the best we can, there are so many things we never see in life, open your eyes see what life has to offer and grab on and hang on tight what you seek is there, well let me run for now to all peace and love...Eddie

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life moves on!!!!!!

As i sit here living every day and seeing what the world holds for me in this thing we call life, i see that it is what we make it, i sit for so very long feeling sorry for my self and now i see the time i've wasted being stupid. I look out at the storm and see the rain is not so bad after all, so many things we over looked in life, always felt i had to be with some one to be compleat, now i see that in life all we need is to be content with ones self, not don't get me wrong love is grand but not all it's made out to be. No one ever seems to be happy with one another, seems the grass is always greener some were else in life, seems like you will never be good enough no matter what you do, but i say shit to that, if they can't learn to help each other then they had no insite in the first place, everyone live's behind the walls to pectect them selfs from each other, when is someone going to stand up and start living life instead of hiding from it. Life is wonderful at times and if you take the time to look inside your self its all in side you, yea its nice to have some one to share it with but you can do it by your self if you want to..After being single for almost 2 years it made me look at my self and see the things inside me that haunted me and made me be the way i was, i over looked the things that should have been important in life to me.. but in the light of a new day i see i'm better off with the way things worked out or i would have never seen what i was doing in life, but me i'm a work in progess to see how much i can make me whole and to live life and see were it leads me and knowing which road to travel for me.. but i'm happy with me and the things i do in life, i watch my kids grow and see there life's move own with me here to see it and thats enough for now, nothing in life last forever so be happy with the little spot you have, i live, i learn, i see, i touch, i breath, life's good for now enjoy it all, live like the day is your last on earth, never know were you might wake up next....Eddie